Drive results with intelligent analytics

Inception CRM’s intelligent analytics empower sales teams with insights that build successful customer relationships and drive results. Reps benefit from intuitive dashboards that tell them where to focus, while managers have access to a rich set of data they can use to analyse strategies and trends for improved sales team performance among all key customer groups.

Analytics That Make Sense

Inception CRM’s interactive dashboards and analytics reports are intuitive, easy to read and contain all the information sales teams need to understand and improve their results. Give your reps actionable insights they can actually use to boost their performance before it’s too late.

Analytics That Bring Data To Life

When done properly, performance analytics make the KPIs you use to evaluate your reps’ transparent to them. But intelligent analytics go a step further. They visualize results in a way that tells your sales reps clearly where they need to improve and what they should focus on to reach their targets. 

See the Forest for the Trees

Inception CRM makes it easier to identify and improve low performing areas by pulling a lot of information that normally gets siloed into focus. By measuring the sales impact of field activities across a large number of metrics, you can make sure your sales teams never miss another opportunity.

Intelligent Analytics Means Information You Can Use

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Take an Intelligent Analytics Approach

Inception CRM supports an intelligent approach to analytics. It focuses on helping sales teams identify the actual potential of each customer. By leveraging Inception CRM’s built-in analytic capabilities, you’ll be able to track the development of each customer relationship (positive or negative) in a strategically useful way. This includes being able to allocate your sales teams (and other resources) more effectively so that they can extract the maximum value from their efforts.

Explore more inception CRM features

Planner Calendar

Inception’s intelligent workflow-based planner keeps Reps productively focused on the right tasks so that every sales campaign is a success.

order taking

Inception’s flexible order management module allows Reps to create customized offers that pharmacists will love, ensuring your success at each point of sale.


Inception CRM gives Reps an easy way to capture their expenses and promo stock usage on the fly for improved management of all in-field sales spend.

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