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Ranked #1 in G2’s Pharma and Biotech Summer 2022

A true life science CRM solution

Inception CRM is an intuitive and user-friendly CRM solution for medical sales teams that guides users through their daily tasks with ease. It supports the work of pharma, medical and retail pharmacy sales reps by keeping them focused on the right customers with the right messages at the right time.

Inception CRM is available on iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Windows


Real customer insights

Inception’s powerful search helps sales reps quickly find the right customers, while detailed customer cards tell them everything they need to know.

Improved time management

Inception’s intelligent workflow-based planner keeps field sales reps productively focused on the right tasks so that every sales campaign is a success.

Precise expense tracking

Inception makes it easy for sales reps to record expenses, samples, and promotional stock on the go.

CLM mobile

Effective brand promotion

Inception’s built-in publishing engine makes it easy to share PDFs, videos and interactive presentations with your reps for effective marketing in the field.

Tailored pharmacy orders

Inception’s flexible order taking gives retail pharmacy reps an easy way to create the customized offers that pharmacists need, ensuring success at each point of sale.

Measurable results

Inception’s powerful BI Suite includes compelling, information-rich dashboards and exportable, pivot table-ready spreadsheets for impactful analysis.

Why choose Inception CRM?

Inception is unique among CRM solutions both in its scope of functionality and in how well it consolidates information that is normally siloed, such as sales, orders, and expense data, making it easier to draw useful conclusions through direct comparison of different data sets.

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