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An innovative CRM Solution for Life Science Sales Teams
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Introducing Virtual Rep
Meet your customers face-to-face, right inside Inception CRM
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Ranked #1 by G2 for Customer Satisfaction in Pharma and Biotech

A true pharma CRM solution for life sciences

Inception CRM is an incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use pharma CRM that helps pharma and life science sales teams reach the right prescribers, HCPs, formulary managers, and pharmacies with the right messages at the right time so that when they make decisions, your products are always top of mind.

Inception CRM is available on iOS, iPadOS, and Windows

Virtual Calling in Inception CRM
Virtual Calling in Inception CRM

Meet your customers
face-to-face with
Virtual Rep

Virtual Rep makes it easy for medical reps to host face-to-face video calls and remote meetings with their customers, right inside Inception CRM.

Get real customer insights

A search engine that helps medical reps find the right customers and tells them everything they need to know to make the next call or visit a success.

Improve your time management

A workflow-based planner that keeps medical reps productively focused on the right tasks so they don’t have to figure out what to do next.

Track your field expenses precisely

Inception CRM makes it easy for medical reps to capture expenses, report samples, and track their promo stock usage on the go.

CLM on iPhone

Promote your brands effectively

Distribute approved media content directly to medical reps using Inception CRM’s built-in publishing tools and track their effectiveness. 

Tailor pharmacy orders to your customer's needs

Inception CRM makes it easy for Rx and OTC sales reps to create customized offers that pharmacists need to make sure your products are always in stock.

Deliver insights your sales teams can use

Intuitive, information-rich dashboards and reports that keep users focused on the KPIs that matter most.

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Want a pharma CRM that will make your med reps and KAMs more competitive? We support hybrid, field, and digital sales teams with the tools they need to reach the right prescribers and HCPs with the right messages at the right time. Users love it. Managers love it. See for yourself.

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