Inception CRM’s Planner uses guided workflows to help field sales reps manage their time and stay on top of their goals. With less effort, reps can report all of their activities and optimize their productive time. Planner makes it easy for sales teams to successfully execute sales plans. Start planning smarter, more effective sales campaigns with Inception CRM.

An Intuitive Planner For Effective Time Management

Inception CRM makes it easy for reps to schedule and report everything they do. Guided workflows lead them swiftly through their tasks with zero hassle, and make it clear what they should do next. Users can easily search their calendars, manage tasks, schedule visits from their Cycle Plans and explore customer details in a single view.

Planner Puts Call Details, Expenses, Samples and Orders all in one Place

Inception CRM consolidates complete visit information in once place. Call reports, sample drops, customer orders, and customer expenses are displayed right inside the activity card so that sales teams can easily find and remember the details of each visit. Smarter campaigns means making important information not just accessible, but easy to find.


Inception CRM’s Planner makes it unbelievably easy to capture a wealth of information about your customers every time you engage with them. Smart, responsive questionnaires use skip logic to maintain focus only on what’s relevant. This allows reps to build robust customer profiles easily, simply by answering the questions the system asks them. Planner takes care of the rest.

Planner Makes Robust Call Reporting Very Simple

Reporting visits and other activities in Inception CRM is unbelievably easy. Inception CRM’s responsive questionnaires use skip logic to focus only on relevant questions. This allows call reports to be complex without being complicated. The result is an easy, quick and hassle free way to capture a lot of useful information about each of your customers.


Sales Campaigns Made Easy

Campaigns Focused on the Right Customers

Inception CRM’s Cycle Planning feature helps sales teams stay focused on the right customers by making aligning their sales plans with priority customers in their Target Groups. Cycle Plans balance sales campaigns against each rep’s in-field call capacity, with visit frequency set according to a customer’s actual priority.

Easy Drag & Drop and Bulk Scheduling

Scheduling visits to priority customers is as easy as dragging and dropping a cycle plan contact into the calendar. Reps can easily bulk plan visits to multiple customers on the same day with the flick of a button. The Cycle Plan updates campaign stats in real time so that reps are stay focused on the customers who need their attention.

Meaningful Customer Relationships Based on Real Understanding


My Work is a useful tool for reps to stay on top of their most important tasks.


Keep Your Priorities In Sight

My Work shows reps all of their incomplete activities (such as unreported visits and incomplete orders) in one convenient list. To catch up on unfinished business, all sales teams have to do is go down the list, completing their tasks one at a time.

Work Online Or Offline – It’s Up To You

From adding new customers to updating current customers’ information to removing them entirely, a guided processes leads users through each step. Look up fields automatically adding information already available in the database, making it very easy to add or update customer contacts.


Inception’s powerful search helps Reps quickly find the right contacts, while detailed customer info cards tell them everything they need to know.


Inception’s powerful BI Suite includes compelling, information-rich dashboards and exportable, pivot table-ready spreadsheets for impactful analysis.


Inception’s built-in publishing engine makes it easy to share PDFs, videos and interactive presentations with your Reps for effective in-field marketing.

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