Order Management for Pharmacies Made Easy with Inception CRM

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Inception CRM gives pharmacy and over-the-counter (OTC) sales teams the tools they need to sell effectively. Customizable order templates can include a range of incentives, from discounts and rebates to free pieces, to make offers more attractive.

Empower Your Pharmacy Reps

Equip sales reps with pre-approved incentive schemes that allow them to optimize offers based on each pharmacy’s needs. Inception CRM’s responsive order management gives reps the flexibility they need to negotiate, sweeten and close deals faster and more successfully.

Pharmacy Orders Made Easy

Inception CRM’s order management makes it easy to prepare complex orders that scale incentives according to the volume and combination of products selected, as well as the specific customer receiving the order, factoring pre-negotiated terms and conditions into the final offer.

Reliable Transfer Orders

Inception CRM can send orders directly via API and by email. This allows transfer orders to be communicated directly to wholesalers or your own distribution center for immediate processing. Copies can be sent to customers per your sharing rules. We’ll set up the order management approach that works for you. 

Real-Time Stock and Delivery Confirmation

When connected directly to wholesalers’ systems (or your own distribution center) Inception CRM’s Order Management can provide real-time stock availability and order status confirmation. It can even split orders among different distributors to guarantee delivery.

See for yourself how Inception can increase your the value of your orders

order management

Order Management on the Device of Your Choice

Inception CRM’s Order Management runs on pretty much everything: iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and Windows laptops. This means your pharmacy and OTC reps will be able to create complex orders quickly and easily on the devices they already use, with less cost and hassle to you.

Explore more inception CRM features


Inception’s powerful search helps Reps quickly find the right contacts, while detailed customer info cards tell them everything they need to know.


Inception’s powerful BI Suite includes compelling, information-rich dashboards and exportable, pivot table-ready spreadsheets for impactful analysis.


Inception’s built-in publishing engine makes it easy to share PDFs, videos and interactive presentations with your Reps for effective in-field marketing.

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