Distribute Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) and other approved content securely and compliantly with Inception CRM.

Inception CRM’s media publisher makes it easy to distribute Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) presentations, PDFs, and other media to your sales and medical teams. Share approved content securely, then track the effectiveness of each presentation via dashboards and reports. 

CLM: where creativity meets data to create useful insights

For most companies, the most valuable part of a CRM system is the data it provides. Closed loop marketing (CLM) takes this further by giving you direct insights into how customers respond to your messaging. Inception CRM tracks the performance of all media, not just CLM, so you can see what content resonates most with your customers, as well as your users.

Share approved content quickly and compliantly

Inception CRM supports secure and compliant distribution and use of all approved content. Publishing rules ensure medical reps access only the latest approved content, so customers always see content that’s up-to-date. They can even bind CLM presentations and other files to specific workflows so that approved media is used compliantly, and only where it’s relevant.

Track how (effectively) your content is used in the field

Inception CRM makes it easy to publish and update approved content on the fly. From Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) presentations to PDFs and videos, Inception CRM supports all major file types. And since the system keeps track of how media files are used, you’ll get valuable data each time they’re shared with customers, even if you don’t use CLM.

Learn how CLM can make your marketing more compelling and effective

CLM captures customer responses in real time so you can see how well your content is performing

Closed Loop Marketing doesn’t just give you a way to present compelling marketing content. It gives you insights you need to make it more effective based on real-time customer feedback. 

CLM presentations are created in HTML5, which means they’re fully interactive — and they can track user interactions. Users can even fill in call reports and create orders without leaving a presentation.

CLM makes it easy for reps to capture customer responses in real time, from their interests and preferences, to the messages that resonate most with them. In short, everything you need to craft compelling, effective presentations that hit home. 

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