A complete media solution for CLM presentations, PDFs, videos and MS Office documents

Inception CRM’s Media module gives companies a great way to manage and distribute approved content to their CRM users. Whether you want to leverage the power of CLM, or simply distribute sales aids like PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, Inception CRM provides a secure, compliant way to get approved content to your users, as well as to see how they are using it.

CLM: Where Creativity and Big Data Join Forces

For most companies, the most valuable part of a CRM system is the data it provides. CLM takes this a step further by giving marketing teams the insights they need to craft compelling content and  messages that hit the mark every time. With CLM, you’ll learn how effective your media content really is, and how you can improve it.

Secure, Compliant Media and Document Distribution

Inception CRM supports secure and compliant distribution and use of all approved content. Publishing rules make sure that reps only have access to the latest approved content, while customers only see what’s relevant to them. Workflows can even bind selected files, like CLM, to specific customer specialties and activities.

A Robust Multimedia Platform for Sales Aids and CLM

Inception CRM makes it easy to publish and update approved marketing content on the fly. From CLM presentations to PDFs to PowerPoint, Inception CRM supports all major file types. And since the system keeps track of how all media file types are used, you’ll get valuable feedback from customer interactions, even if you don’t use CLM.

Learn How to Make Marketing Content More Compelling and Effective with CLM

Real-Time Information Everyone Can Use

CLM doesn’t just give you a way to present compelling marketing content. It gives you a way to make it more effective based on actual customer feedback. Inception CRM’s integrated reports give you the feedback you need to craft compelling, effective presentations and messages that actually drive results. Interactive presentations can even be configured to complete call reports, create orders, and capture informational requests automatically.

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Inception CRM gives Reps an easy way to capture their expenses and promo stock usage on the fly for improved management of all in-field sales spend.

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