About Inception CRM

Inception CRM is an intuitive and incredibly easy-to-use CRM app that helps life science sales teams target the right HCPs, formulary managers, and pharmacists with the right messages at the right time so that when they make decisions, your products are always top of mind.

Inception CRM makes it easy for med reps to research their territories and accounts, update customer records, schedule calls, host virtual meetings, and optimize their productive time, all while collecting valuable customer insights. 

With Inception CRM, med reps can report calls, record expenses, drop samples, create pharmacy orders, analyze sales, and track their performance in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Inception CRM’s GDPR-compliant apps for iOS, Android, and Windows PCs guide medical sales reps through even the most complex workflows with ease and efficiency, so they can stay focused on what really matters: helping healthcare professionals serve their patients better.

It supports hybrid, face-to-face, and remote sales teams with a wide range of tools that are ideal for primary and specialty care, pharmacy sales, and key account management. Best of all, Inception CRM is highly configurable and can be tailored to support each part of your business that uses it.

If you are a pharmaceutical or life science company looking for a CRM built for your business, Inception CRM is the solution for you. Users love it. Managers love it. Book a demo and see for yourself why reps rate it the number one pharma CRM.

Who We Are

Inception CRM is a life science CRM solution created by D3S, a company with over 15 years experience creating technology solutions for some of the world’s top life science companies. Our clients include leading producers of innovative, specialty, and generics medicines, as well as hospital groups, medical laboratories, and major drug wholesalers. 

What We Do

Put simply, we’re problem solvers. We believe it takes out-of-the-box thinking to drive true innovation. We succeed by developing high-quality solutions that answer our customers’ biggest challenges. The software products we create for our clients are innovative, high-quality, and easy to use. Most importantly, they bring real value to their businesses. 

In addition to providing tailored CRM solutions, we offer software solutions for eLearning, hospital tender management, and clinical studies. We also develop bespoke cross-platform applications for patients and HCPs under our clients’ brands.

Our expert IT and software engineering teams include solution architects as well as front-end, database, and full-stack developers. We are fluent in the following coding languages, databases, platforms, and technologies:

Languages: C#
Databases: MS SQL (T-SQL), Oracle (PL-SQL)
Platforms: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android


.NET 6
Gitlab (CD/CI)
MS Reporting Services
Xamarin (iOS, Android, Forms)

We are experienced in integrating systems, applications, and databases, building data warehouses, and establishing new APIs that enable seamless, secure communication wherever two things need to connect.

We offer fully-managed outsourced IT Services to our clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as application and database hosting, server solutions & information security management for our customers across Europe.

Our creative digital services include branded websites, ecommerce, interactive closed loop marketing (CLM) presentations, as well as original graphic, web, and logo design.

Our experienced project managers can provide complete CRM management, end-to-end project management, technology consulting, hardware procurement, and vendor management, where needed.

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