Track Expenses with Easy-to-Use Custom Forms in Inception CRM

track expenses as they happen

Inception CRM’s real-time expense tracker gives field sales reps an easy way to capture and track expenses as they happen. Easily record expenses, scan receipts, and request reimbursement with just a few taps. Inception CRM can even update your accounting system seamlessly for faster, more streamlined processing and less administrative hassle.

Accurate and Detailed Expense Tracking

Inception CRM makes it incredibly easy to track all types of expenses on the go, with workflows customized according to your company’s rules. In less time than it takes to complete a purchase, sales reps can capture all the details of an expense and send them directly to your company’s accounting system.

Streamlined Budget Management

Inception CRM’s Expense Tracker can support multiple cost centers, expense types, and payment types, each with their own workflows and approval stages. Logged expenses can be sent to accounting for real-time tracking of field sales costs, supporting balanced, effective sales budgets and timely reimbursements.

Stay on top of promotional expenses

A sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for distributing free stock and tracking stock-related expenses

Because Free Goods are Never Actually Free

Inception CRM’s Warehouse offers a fully-compliant solution for tracking the distribution of promotional stock, and their costs. It can even dynamically calculate distribution limits based on company rules and regulatory requirements. This makes it easy to control, as well as track, expenses from promotional goods. The result is a proactive promotional approach that that is fully under your control.

Tracking Expenses in the Field Has Never Been Easier

Compliant Contracts on demand

Prepare Compliant, Legally-Binding Contacts and Track Contract-Related Expenses Quickly and Easily
contract inception crm

Compliant Contracts in Minutes

Inception CRM gives users a quick and compliant way to make contracts with customers in minutes using predefined templates. Because contracts are always properly formatted, with key fields automatically filled in, users can stay focused on the business side of things.


Customized for Each Agreement

Create as many contract types as you need, each with their own workflows and approval stages. Streamlined administration makes it easy to track the status of a contract and process any related payments. It also makes it easy to track contract-related expenses within the context of other promotional spend.

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Inception’s powerful search helps Reps quickly find the right contacts, while detailed customer info cards tell them everything they need to know.


Inception’s powerful BI Suite includes compelling, information-rich dashboards and exportable, pivot table-ready spreadsheets for impactful analysis.


Inception’s built-in publishing engine makes it easy to share PDFs, videos and interactive presentations with your Reps for effective in-field marketing.

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