Meet Customers Face-to-Face with Virtual Rep

Virtual Rep’s remote detailing and presentation features makes it easy to engage your customers virtually in a secure, compliant manner, right inside right inside Inception CRM.

Remote Detailing with Virtual Rep

As more and more reps move to remote detailing, the ability to connect with customers virtually is more important than ever. Virtual Rep allows users to make face-to-face video calls and deliver online presentations right inside Inception CRM, so they don’t have to use another app for remote detailing. And since video calls and presentations are logged, managers can track all of their sales teams’ virtual customer engagements via comprehensive reports that provide a detailed insights into the effectiveness of their virtual calls. 

Virtual Calling in Inception CRM

Remote Detailing Made Easy

Virtual Calls in Inception CRM work like Zoom, but they don’t require any other remote detailing app to work. You can schedule Virtual Calls directly in your Planner and then invite your customers to join you in a dedicated virtual meeting space without leaving Inception CRM. Because meeting links are unique to each customer, customers can even bookmark them to connect with one click every time you meet.

Seamless Online Presentations

A key part of remote detailing is ability to present content remotely. During a Virtual Call, you can access and seamlessly present any of the approved content in your Media folder. Inception CRM supports multiple file types, from PFDs to videos to CLM presentations. Virtual Call lets you make as many presentations as you want within a single session, and keeps track of each for reporting and analysis.


Complete Reporting and Analysis

Virtual Rep’s export reports come standard with Inception CRM’s virtual calling and presentation features. Drilldown into call and presentation details to understand each rep’s remote detailing strategy and how well they are performing with each of your key customer groups.

Fully-Audited for Compliance

Complete logging of user behaviour lets you track calls and presentations against different customer groups and segments, and drill down into the details of each customer interaction. With Virtual Rep’s integrated reports, you’ll have all the feedback you need to evaluate and improve your team’s customer engagement and sales execution strategies.

Data That Actually Drives Improvement

Want to know what presentations are most popular with your customers, or how much time your reps are actually engaging with them? Virtual Rep’s reports will tell you. Drilldown by customer specialty, location, and other attributes to find out even more about the content and messages that hit home with your customers during remote detailing. 

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