Meet customers face-to-face with Virtual Rep

Virtual Rep’s remote detailing and presentation features makes it easy to engage your customers virtually in a secure, compliant manner, right inside right inside Inception CRM.

Remote Detailing with Virtual Rep

As more reps shift to remote detailing, connecting with customers virtually is more important than ever. Virtual Rep lets users to make face-to-face video calls and deliver presentations right inside Inception CRM. No other app for remote detailing is needed. Inception CRM audits all video calls and presentations, so whether you’re presenting a PDF or CLM, you’ll get detailed insights into the effectiveness of each virtual call. 

Virtual Calling in Inception CRM

Remote detailing is easier than ever with Inception CRM's built-in virtual calling features for remote engagements and CLM

Virtual calling in Inception CRM is really easy. Just schedule a virtual call in your Planner, send the link, and join the meeting, right inside Inception CRM. Customers don’t need to download anything. And they don’t need to register, either. One click will let them in to your dedicated virtual meeting space. Best of all, the links are unique, so customers can bookmark them and save for your next meeting.

Virtual Rep's remote detailing lets medical reps present media to HCPs face to face

Virtual Rep’s remote detailing makes it easy to present content virtually and capture key insights from your meetings. Seamlessly present any of the approved content in your media folders face to face, without interrupting the conversation flow. Virtual Rep will track how much time you spent on each file and when it was used. Since files are audited individually, you’ll get real insights into the effectivness of each call. 

Media presentation during virtual calls

Remote detailing with closed loop marketing for complete reporting and analysis

Reports come standard with Inception CRM’s virtual calling and presentation features. So, you’ll be able to drilldown into call and presentation details to understand each rep’s remote detailing strategy. And how well they are performing with each of your key customer groups.


Fully-audited virtual calls and presentations for true closed loop marketing

Virtual Rep audits each call so you can track customer engagements by across different segments, as well as explore the details of individual calls and presentations. Out-of-the-box reports make it easy to see how well your media content is working and provide insights that will help you improve.

Use closed loop marketing to capture data that makes your marketing better

Want to know what presentations are most popular with your customers? Or how much time your reps are actually engaging with them? Virtual Rep’s reports will tell you. Drilldown by customer specialty, location, and product to discover what your customers really care about. And what messages hit home.

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User filling out a call report on iPad while having a coffee

Inception CRM helps medical reps find the right HCPs quickly and easily, and provides them with the insights they need to make each sales call a success.

Commercial insights on the iPad

Inception CRM’s intuitive, information-rich dashboards and export reports give medical reps the info need to analyse and improve their results.

Happy Users at a Team Meeting

Inception’s built-in media publisher makes it easy to distribute CLM presentations and approved content for effective in-field marketing.

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