Rep behavior + customer data = actionable commercial insights

Inception CRM’s commercial insights make it easy for life science sales and medical teams to identify the right customers, build relationships, and create new opportunities for your business.

Dashboards that help sales teams focus and improve

Inception CRM’s interactive dashboards and exportable reports are not just intuitive. They contain all the commercial insights sales users need to improve their results.

Actionable information your sales teams can easily use

Inception CRM tracks the sales impact of rep behavior within key customer segments. It also keeps them focused on the right customers and tasks to reach their targets. 

Commercial insights based on your customers, your reps

Inception CRM makes it easy to identify and improve low performing areas by pulling the right data into focus. Use commercial insights to ensure your reps never miss an opportunity.

Learn how Inception CRM helps sales teams focus on the right customers and tasks to meet their targets.

Commercial Insights in Inception CRM

Commercial insights that help you identify the customers who drive your business

Inception CRM helps sales organizations identify the customer segments with the highest sales impact. And it tracks the user behavior that drives those results. Put those two together and you have commercial insights you can act upon. Our built-in analytics will help you follow the evolution of each customer relationship and customer segment so that you can see what’s working and what’s not, before it hits your balance sheets. It will also help you allocate your sales teams more effectively based on real opportunities.

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Planner Calendar

Inception’s intelligent workflow-based planner keeps Reps productively focused on the right tasks so that every sales campaign is a success.

Pharmacy Orders on Inception CRM for iPad

Inception’s flexible order management helps reps create customized offers that pharmacists need to ensure your products are always in stock.

Happy Key Account Managers

Inception CRM gives medical reps an easy way to capture expenses on the go for improved management of your company’s in-field sales spend.

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