Our Approach to Disaster Recovery

D3S maintains detailed plans for the recovery of our systems and infrastructure in the event of a disaster. These plans inform our staff of the procedures they should follow to restore normal IT operations.

Our DRP focuses, in particular, on our data center operations (DC Ops) and the critical infrastructure located within our primary data center, where critical services are located.

The DRP provides a complete manual for our IT staff. It includes analyses of the various risks to individual parts of our computing systems and descriptions of their importance for business support, as well as the consequences of their outages for business processes in our company.

More importantly, our DRP describes in detail the specific steps necessary to restore critical functions. SOPs include mandatory communication procedures before, during and after the restoration of the affected systems and the tests that need to be performed after the DRP activities have ceased.

Frequency of DRP Testing

We test our disaster recovery plans with regular frequency. The most recent DRP tests were conducted in June 2021 (secondary DC), February 2021 (primary DC), March/April 2020 (secondary DC) and in December 2019 (primary DC).

Bear in mind that, DRP testing aside, we test customer data recovery on a daily basis via automatic backup of production data from the production environment to the staging environment, which we then validate for consistency and integrity of records.

Primary DC DRP Tests:

Following a succession of major upgrades to our primary data center infrastructure, we performed controlled shutdowns of the entire infrastructure in order to mitigate hardware and software issues we found during previous tests, which could not be done in fully operational environment. We also addressed known bottlenecks and improved network throughput and storage subsystem IO.

During the controlled shutdowns, we tested redundancy within the primary data center, checking whether systems remained operational when several core infrastructure components were down. Following this, we tested environment recovery according to the DRP, following the test steps for recovery in the event of a complete data center loss. Tests validated the primary DC as fully operational, and confirmed the correct configuration of the new hardware.

Secondary DC DRP Tests:

In both cases, we tested the secondary data center after it was upgraded to newer hardware. In each case, a complete secondary DC loss was simulated, with data and configuration recovery from the primary DC. The subject of this test was complete replication of primary to secondary DC. Additional tests validated the secondary DC as fully operational without access to primary DC.

Only one major issue was identified during the test in March 2020: storage capacity was incorrectly calculated to handle all backups. This issue was resolved in April 2020 by adding new disk drives, which were tested and validated by restoring all backup files from the primary DC to the secondary DC.

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