Software Development Life Cycle

D3S provides detailed guidance for the management of the Software Development Lifecycle to all of our developers. The SDLC outlines the steps for the development of any new software in D3S, whether entirely new applications, or new features of an existing application.

Customers can be assured that D3S uses safe coding practices for all software we develop. We are quality focused in everything that we do. Our overall development approach, from analysis and design through implementation and delivery, includes risk management, quality assurance, and complete testing.

We build our products in stages, following Agile. Our developers perform a wide range of tests prior to the release of any new software application or software version. This means we thoroughly evaluate each feature or component before we integrate it into the final product.

Read the posts below to learn more about how we design and develop software products. If you need more, please contact us for detailed policies and SOPs.

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