How We Ensure Business Continuity

D3S maintains detailed plans for the continuity of services in the event that we are no longer to conduct “business as usual” from our regular business offices.

These include policies governing the remote work of employees in the face of office closures; handover of duties in the event of employee incapacitation; restoration of critical business systems and communication channels; continued service provision and billing; and procedures for restoring a normal flow of operations.

Business continuity planning is integral to our ability to maintain the continuity of our services. It addresses the key functions of our business: software development, software/service availability, project management, project delivery, customer support, and billing.

During the recent Covid-19 public health emergency, when a government-imposed moratorium on public gatherings closed our business offices, we shifted internal work communication entirely to online channels. Employees who were unable to attend to their duties had their work temporarily reassigned until they could get back online from a stable location.

As a result, our customers experienced zero interruption in service, support, or software availability. Payments and invoices were issued on time. From an outside perspective, our business continued as usual.

While our offices have since reopened with normal on-site operations, our customers can expect total continuity of service from D3S in the event of another emergency.

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