How We Manage Requirements

We apply a structured approach to requirements gathering and analysis that ensures projects are delivered exactly as expected.

How We Design New Software Products

We base our solution designs on rigorous analysis of all customer requirments, as well as the complex dynamics of the environments in which our products work.

How We Develop New Products

Our Application Services don’t just create apps, but everything around them. We provide complete documentation for all of our software.

How We Manage Projects

D3S takes direct responsibility for its projects, even when employing the support of partners and subcontractors.

How We Integrate Services

Our integration services will connect your CRM system to any internal/back office or external/3rd-party system you work with.

How We Test Our Products

D3S software developers perform a wide range of tests prior to the release of any new software application or new software version.

How We Manage Versions

Our software development plans for major and minor versions include project milestones, resources, dependencies, and risk management.

How We Manage Source Code

We store all source codes in professional source control systems located in a secure, professional hosting environment.

How We Manage Quality

We ensure the quality of all the products we develop by following international standards for IT project management.

How We Manage Risk

D3S manages risk at both the development and service levels to make sure all of our software works perfectly.

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