How We Manage Risk

Risk Management

D3S manages risk at both the development and service levels to make sure all of our software works perfectly. When implementing a new product, or enhancing an existing one, we assess all of its features and functions for functional risk.

Based on the risks we’ve identified, we test all potentially-impacted features and functions. We document our tests in so-called “validation protocols,” which are connected to a validation policy. The output these tests is quality assurance (QA).

Once a product is released, we document the areas of the system that are high risk. Based on this we establish priorities for repeated testing. This helps us guarantee the quality of our work. It also helps us make sure that all agreed deliverables are met on a continuing basis.

Through regular testing, we can identify any bugs or undocumented behaviors and resolve them in a timely fashion. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets the specific benchmarks for this service. Per the terms of the SLA, we escalate issues as needed to make sure they’re resolved on time, according to their importance and severity.

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