Ability to make “email” a mandatory field when updating customer data

Admins can now make “email” a mandatory part of customer data. By setting “email” as a required field in Update Requests, admins force users to collect valid emails when creating new customers and accounts, and when updating existing records.

The benefits of making email a core part of customer data

In an era when electronic communication is more vital than ever, making email addresses a mandatory part of customer data makes a lot of sense. After all, missing emails make it difficult to invite customers to events, book meetings, or share content.

You wouldn’t create a record that doesn’t have a customer’s name, address, workplace, or phone number. Why leave out email?

And it’s not just about facilitating appointment booking, media sharing, and direct communication by reps, marketing, or customer service. Valid customer email addresses make it easier to validate and process data subject requests, ensuring your customer’s rights are protected under GDPR.

Who benefits?

  • Representatives benefit by having a direct communication channel for sharing approved content, as well as invitations.
  • Marketing managers benefit by having an approved communication channel for offers and important updates about new and existing products.
  • Customer service benefits by having a communication method they can use to receive and process valid customer claims.
  • Customers benefit by making sure their identities can be verified and their claims satisfied.

The benefits for business are clear. Ask your CRM manager to set email as a required field so each new update to a customer’s record requires users to add a valid email for each customer. Users won’t be able to submit update requests without it, even when they’re focused on other information.

Spot the difference:

Update Request form - Email not required when adding or updating customer data
Update request form: when email is not a required field, the user can can save the customer record without adding it. Required fields are marked with a star.

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