Inception CRM version 2023.4 improves both Search and Contracts modules

Inception CRM version 2023.4 is now available in the App Store.

Version 2023.4 introduces key enhancements to Inception CRM’s Search and Contracts modules, along with various bug fixes and improvements.

  • Search: Ability to search using quotes for exact matches
  • Contracts: New fields that load customer names directly from the database
  • Other bug fixes, UI improvements, and optimizations

Find customers using quoted text to find exact matches

Users can now look up customers via their names in quotes to find exact matches using full-text search. By entering a customer’s complete print name, including their middle name (e.g. “Sally Ann Smith”) they can quickly find the exact customer they’re looking for.

Add customers to Contracts quickly and easily using new contract fields

New contract fields let users select customers directly from the database using look-up dialogues, making it easy to formulate multi-party contracts with different contractual roles.

Previously, additional contracting parties other than the signing party needed to be entered as free text. This enhancement allows users to insert customers directly from the database into the body of the contract according to their role.

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