Inception CRM version 2023.6 improves key workflows across the application

Inception CRM version 2023.6 is now available in the App Store.

Version 2023.6 introduces key enhancements to Inception CRM’s workflows in the Contracts, Orders, and Planner modules, along with various optimizations and improvements to the overall user experience.

Customize the order of status changes in Contracts, Orders, and Planner

Inception CRM is a workflow-based system. This means that users can update a contract, order, or event by picking an action that moves it to a new status. With version 2023.6, you can now set the order in which users see these status options.

For instance, a draft contract could get approved or rejected by someone in charge of the budget. If a rep makes a request for time off, their manager can say yes or no. If orders are too big, managers can send them back to salespeople to fix. When a lot of options are available, it makes sense to put the more obvious ones at the top.

With this new version, users don’t have to scroll through an alphabetical list of options. Instead, administrators can decide the order in which these options appear.

Add live URLs to Contract Fields

Inception CRM version 2023.6 introduces support for clickable URLs within contracts. If a field in a contract has a valid web link, it will turn into a link you can click.

This makes it easy for contract creators to link the right information to a contract. And it makes it easy for users to access the right websites or document storage locations.

You can even use these links to open other apps on your device. Depending on the type of link you use, it can open an app or it can guide you to the right page on the App Store if you don’t have it.

This helps users who can only access sensitive files by way of a dedicated app, where there is more security. It also makes it simpler to navigate complex agreements with lots of different parts. You don’t need to import contract references into Inception CRM – you can link to them instead.

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