Inception CRM version 2023.8 makes it easier to approve and schedule events

Inception CRM version 2023.8 is now available in the App Store.

Version 2023.8 introduces key enhancements to Inception CRM’s Search, Planner, Media, Orders, Contracts, and Projects modules, along with other optimizations and improvements to the overall user experience.


Control the default customer types that appear in search results

Version 2023.8 introduces new controls over user search settings. Admins can now turn off searching by persons or institutions by default. When applied, it sets the toggle in the Advanced Search filter to the off position by default. This results in either persons or institutions being hidden from search results.

Setting defaults is a great way to help users focus on the types of customers most relevant to their work. Hiding institutions, for example, gives users who focus on professionals more relevant results. Users can override this anytime by turning it back on.

Advanced Search filter with Institution Search turned off. Version 2023.8 gives admins the option to set this toggle in the off position by default for both persons and institutions. Users can turn it back on any time they want.

Media, Planner, and Approved Email

More email templates per media file, more links tracked per email

Version 2023.8 takes approved email and media sharing in Inception CRM to a new level. You can now give users several email templates to choose from when sharing media. We’ve also extended support for trackable links. You can now include as many trackable links as you want within each template. Inception CRM will display analytics for each link right inside the activity detail.

New admin options let admins configure as many email templates per media file as they need. Users can find copies of their approved emails in both the Planner and the card of the customer who received it. Inception CRM supports both plaintext and HTML-formatted emails that contain images and links.

The app displays a copy of the email in the activity detail of the approved email or media share. Below the email, a table displays statistics for each link that you want to track. Users can see how many times and when a customer clicks on a link, with statistics updated in real time.

Example of several email templates bound to a single media file
Preview of a personalized HTML format email template prior to sending

Orders and Contracts

View the history of an order or contract in one place

With this version, users can now see the entire history of a customer contract or pharmacy order in one place. A new button, located at the bottom of the contract or order detail, opens a table displaying its history.

Users can review the status changes of an order or contract at each stage of its workflow. For example, they can see when a contract was created, approved, and finalized. Or when an order was received, dispatched, and delivered.

They can also track any edits or changes made within the contract or order itself by other users assigned to it. These include changes made by approvers and other users who are part of the workflow.

Example of a contract detail. Clicking the “Show change history” button opens a table displaying all changes to the contract.
Example of a list of changes to a contract, including status changes and approver edits. Tracked edits include changes to field values as well as the upload of new attachments.

Contracts, Projects, and Event Management

Review and approve contracts or projects from your iPad

Version 2023.8 introduces a new management feature to Contracts and Projects on iPad. Managers can now review and approve contracts assigned to them.

A new toggle button instantly displays all items assigned to a user. Managers can see the contracts and projects that demand their attention or approval.

When they’re finished, they simply click the toggle again to return the list to its default state. This displays the contracts and projects they’ve created.

Clicking the checkmark button displays a list of contracts and projects assigned to the user for review.
After reviewing and taking action on an assigned contract or project, the user can return to their contract or project list by clicking the list icon.

Schedule events automatically as soon as they’re approved

Version 2023.8 makes event planning in Inception CRM even easier. Approved events are now automatically scheduled in the user’s Planner. This saves users time and effort.

Users no longer need to check for event approvals. And once they’re approved, users don’t need to manually schedule them, either.

As soon as an event gets approved, it’s added to the Planner. Users can then add details, such as participants, and fill in post-event details as soon as the event is over.

User Support and Notifications

Add custom messages to user support pages

With version 2023.8 we’ve introduced a new custom text field for administrators. Admins can embed instructions for users (or any other custom text) right on the support page.

View notifications linked to customers right inside their customer cards

In version 2023.7 we introduced notifications linked to institution customers. Version 2023.8 takes that a step further. Institution cards now display notifications as part of customer details. We’ve also added badges to tell users whether a notification is unread.

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