Inception CRM Version 2022.9 rounds out a great year of rapid improvements

Inception CRM Version 2022.9 is now available in the App Store.

Our final release of 2022, available today, introduces key enhancements to Inception CRM’s Search, Planner, Orders, Contracts, and Team modules, along with other improvements and optimizations.

Introducing Improved Summaries for Multi-Target Activities

Inception CRM Version 2022.9 improves the way multi-target activities, like group meetings, are summarized in Planner’s Activity List as well as in the Recent Activities list in Customer Cards.

Activities with multiple participants now display the name of at least one of the participants along with the total number of attendees right inside the event summary, making it a lot easier to find that group event you’ve been looking for.

We’ve also improved the look and feel of the list in the Customer Card. The Activity type is now highlighted in blue making them easier to identify. The summary also includes the name of the person who created the activity, making them even easier to identify.

Multi-Target Activity Summaries in both Planner (left) and Customer Card (right)

Previously, multi-target activities were summarized only by their activity type, owner, and when they took place. To see who or how many people attended, users had to view the event detail.

Now, with Inception CRM Version 2022.9, users can easily scan their activity lists for events with the right attributes. That means that, if you know who or how many people attended, you’ll find it much easier to zero in on the event you’re looking for.

Multi-Target activity summary in Planner’s Activity List (left) with the corresponding Activity Detail (right).

Introducing Product Information Dialogues in Orders

Pharmacy orders are often prepared collaboratively with pharmacists. As a result, users often need to refer to product information when preparing orders. Inception CRM Version 2022.9 streamlines this process by letting pharmacy reps open product information directly from the order form itself.

Admins can now add detailed product information, including URLs, directly to product lists. When reps click the name of a product in an order form, a dialogue displays the information. This is great for products with long names and provides a useful way for reps to introduce new products that pharmacists may not be familiar with.

Product Info Dialogue with URL

To round things out, the option to embed a URL allows users to present website information via an embedded browser window without leaving the app.

Embedded Browser View of Linked Website

Contracts Module Now Supports Multiline Text Fields

Version 2022.9 continues an improvement we introduced with Version 2022.7, where we introduced support for multiline text fields to both Call Reports and Profiles. This lets users break longer answers into paragraphs when filling out call reports and preserves their formatting when stored as profiles.

Now, with this latest release, we offer the same functionality within Contracts. Users can now enter multiline custom text into free text fields with the same paragraphing ability. This makes contract forms more flexible when used for account planning and other projects.

Optimized User Interface for iPhones in Team

Finally, the Team module, which we introduced in Version 2022.5, has been facelifted to provide a more comfortable experience for iPhone users.

Team module with improved UI including expandable folders for user profiles and support for multiline text profiles

User Profiles now support multiline text, consistent with the rest of the application, and we’ve made adjustments to the size and placement of different fonts so that information is easier to read. We’ve also made it easier to navigate through user profiles by placing them into accordion-style folders, per their profile group, which users can easily expand, with a tap.

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