Inception CRM version 2022.5: full of great new features you’ll love

Inception CRM version 2022.5 introduces a lot of great new features you’ve been asking for.

It also unifies the application more tightly with the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS, improving both user performance and security. Read on to find out what’s in store in version 2022.5, and click the links for more details.

With version 2022.5 users now have the ability to:

– send media to multiple customers at once via bulk action in Search
– share media with all customers connected to a multi-target activity in Planner
– add new people to a workplace directly from its institution card in Search
– view/add/edit company details directly in the institution card in Search
– make “email” a mandatory field for new Update Requests
– view the total number of pieces of all products in Orders
– view the company org structure and view/edit user profiles

Version 2022.5 also introduces some key changes:

– devices running Inception CRM must have iOS/iPadOS version 13.3 or higher
– improved workflows for biometric authentication (FaceID, TouchID)
– sensitive data (user’s password hash) is now stored in the device’s secure storage
– plus many other improvements and optimizations

Learn more about what’s new in version 2022.5

Update accounts with new customers and new data quickly and easily

Inception CRM version 2022.5 makes it easy to update accounts, add new customers, and manage key details with less hassle. Learn more.

Send approved content to multiple customers at one time with new media sharing options

New media sharing options in Search and Planner make it easy to share approved content with multiple customers at one time. Learn more.

Improve the quality of your customer database by making “email” a mandatory field

Including emails in customer data makes it easier for sales reps to book meetings, share media, and communicate directly with customers. Learn more.

Introducing Team: an easy way to find and stay in touch with your sales team

Designed for sales teams, Team makes it easy to research your company organization structure and stay in touch with your colleagues. Learn more.

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