Create contracts and consent forms directly in Inception CRM

Contract Management in Inception CRM

Version 2021.1. introduces “Contracts”, a brand new module in Inception CRM on iOS and iPadOS that makes it easy to create contracts and consent agreements with customers. Users can create and sign legally-binding agreements with customers in minutes using approved templates.

Templates are rules-based and enforce approved conditions in order to make them legally valid and consistent with company policy – and the law. And because templates can be configured according to different needs, Contracts can be used to create all kinds of agreements.

The backbone of the Contracts module is a fully-prepared document management solution. It allows companies to manage all kinds of document approvals, from marketing collateral to contracts to customer registration and consent forms.

Each contract type can even have its own workflows and approval stages. Streamlined administration makes it easy to track the status of each agreement. Additional benefits of digital contract preparation directly with CRM is that contracts are always properly formatted. Since key fields are automatically filled in, users can stay focused on the business side of things.

Whether you’re using it to prepare commercial agreements with customers or to collect customer data, Contracts provides a great way to streamline company processes, such as providing a comfortable way for representatives to collect GDPR consent agreements from customers they visit.

If your company is interested in leveraging the benefits of this new module, please contact your account manager for more information.

Contracts in Inception CRM
Contract detail example

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